About Us

Cold & Beautiful
Without a doubt in a world that science and technology are growing fast and cause every day we see a new evolution in the human life and also communication and advertising expansion caused us to go from a traditional life to a modern life.
Manufacture industrial and specifically those of companies are producing products in the respect to increase people life quality،have a huge task for competition and keep there products sale market.
Therefore the only producer can stand and continuance presence in this market that adhere to these two princple :
The high quality product presentation.
Providing the best services for customers.
Mashhad Sarma CO. getting started at 1973 in field of produce any type of : refrigerator equipment، eater cooler،milk cooler and any type of industrial and specific store refrigerator and freezer in Mashhad.
Considering that increasing industrial products export is one of the most important of economic productivity for creating jobs and eventually outlining sustainability.
Mashhad Sarma company exports its products to different countries؛according to bulk range of exported products to more than 15 Asian and European countries this company selected for best Iranian exporter company of year.
It succeed to take quality management certificate (ISO 9001-2000) from moody institution (England).
We ask you,dear compatriots to attention to Iranian products with high quality and industrial standard,
Meanwhile make the productivity and efficiency؛investment for our future generation.